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Meet her at the most exclusive restaurants in India

When it comes to good food there are very few cuisines in the world as delicious, variable and exciting as the one you would find on an Indian menu. The multitude of spices, sauces and ingredients are bound to transform any traditional dish into a festival of flavor. This can be said by any restaurant in the world that serves such food, but if you find yourself in India then you will truly experience the distinctive taste of Indian gastronomy. Here are a few of the best restaurants that you should definitely try while you are visiting the country.

Probably the most famous Indian restaurant in the world is Bukhara, in New Delhi. This is an exclusive locale that has proudly hosted famous people all through its history. It is the perfect place to take your Dubai escort to, if you want to impress her. And while you are indulging on a “dal makhani” dish, you can remind her that she is dining in the same place where the U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama did not so long ago.

If you find yourself in Bangalore, then you should not miss a visit to Karavali, the only exclusive restaurant in the area that serves authentic south Indian food. The design is quite impressive and it resembles a traditional Mangalorean home of that area. If your Dubai escort from is interested in finding more about the local culture, then this restaurant will give her a better insight than visiting a museum.

While in India, you cannot escape the romantic call of an idyllic dinner at an exotic restaurant. The Wharf Restaurant in Chennai is the ideal place to tell your Dubai escort what you feel about her. The menu here offers a wide array of delicious dishes not only from India, but from other Asian countries like Thailand or Japan.

Lovely India can present you with an unlimited offer of experiences and dishes that you are unlikely to taste anywhere else. However, as many other ladies are, your Dubai escort can be a little too sensitive to Indian food. You do not want her to have a bad time and regret ever joining you there. One thing that you should consider, though, is that escorts are highly inclined to try new experiences and cultures. So, with this in mind, you can take her to one of the restaurants that have a European theme or a Japanese sushi menu at least.

For a lovely meal and delightful atmosphere, try the Italian Restaurant Travertino from Delhi. There is nothing better than an authentic pasta dish served on the banks of the Ganges River. If you want to take your trip a step further, visit the Wasabi by Morimoto Sushi Restaurant located in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel from Mumbai. At the end of your trip you will most likely be leaving with a myriad of new dishes tried and tested and another million reasons to come back and try some more.

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